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justin forgea - ARTIST - TATTOOING since 2007
Justin Forgea, Award Winning Tattoo Artist at Mockingbird Tattoo Company, Sarasota,FL

Justin Forgea's expertise is in creating stunning designs featuring sea life, nautical themes, and comic art. He takes pride in crafting one-of-a-kind pieces in color, or grayscale that are tailored to your unique vision. Bring your creative ideas to him, and watch how Justin brings them to life.

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from our clients

- Terry S.-

"Justin Forgea is an amazing artist and a great dude all around, my wife and I have been clients of his since 2011. He just did a portrait of my pup that past earlier this year and I'm absolutely staggered, it's a beautiful piece. I can't recommend him and Mocking Bird enough..."

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